Scents are 
Blackberry jam (fruity) 

Grapefruit,white tea and ginger 
Based on an old Chinese tea blend, the original blend was called Yinzing, this is a refreshing fragrance, slightly fruity, slightly spicy but mostly tea based.)

Sugar rush  
 (a fruity fragrance )  

 powerfully sharp masculine fragrance with hints of citrus and lavender over a berry scent with base notes of patchouli, along with a little something extra blended in to give it that mysterious edgered

Ocean's 8  
 ( masculine- fresh and earthy with hints of mint, coriander, a hint of something slightly floral)  

 ( A unique fragrance based on a French perfume with rich additions of magnolia, chocolate, leather, smoke, imagine Victorian Moulin Rouge.)

 (Valentine's dream Based on a vintage perfume with additional notes added. The original fragrance is floral with soft notes of amber and bergamot)

Spiced orange (This lovely eastern spiced blend including benzoin, myrrh, pimento, clove and bark is blended with date and orange for a warm and extremely rich aroma)

Round bath bombs apricot oil

Sponge scent 2

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