bath bombs these are excellent to have a nice relaxing bath that leaves the skin feeling soft and silky.
all cruelty and not derived from animals. I don't use sls or palm oil in these products 
 please add which scent you would in the add note section thank you

Bubblegum  (hot pink and deep blue colour)
Snowflake sparkle ( emerald isle green colour)
Mystical ( red, amethyst and green mix colour )
Tranquillity (black colour)
Honeysuckle ( yellow colour )
Grapefruit and sugar cane ( orange colour )
Garden rose (amethyst colour)
Crede ( midnight blue colour)
Flower explosion (rose red with silver airbrush glitter)
Savage men (dark blue)
Apollo (teal,jade and apple green)
Loving spell (orange with black)
 Berry mix (red and yellow)
Baby bedtime (dark and light violet)
Sweet vanilla cream (fluorescent yellow gold airbrush glitter) 
Cotton candy (light blue and light purple)
These are all the ones I now have x

Large baby shark bath bomb

Bath bomb scent

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