Debbie Francis   recommends Escentric Handmade Products.

4 October ·

I was gifted a box of lovely bombs, salts, soap and cream for my birthday. It looked and smelt amazing when I got it. I have used the salts and they are fab, the colours are so inviting and the smell is just as nice. My skin felt great too and I normally have sensitive skin so it was a treat to use these salts. Looking forward to using the rest!


Mallory   recommends Escentric Handmade Products.

29 October ·

my bath bombs are amazing! they smell incredible! and the shapes make great gifts!!! 💜


Steven   recommends Escentric Handmade Products.

9 September at 14:56 ·

Just used my bath powder and wow what can I say, even though I only used half of the bag the colour and scent was amazing and I'v still come out the bath feeling moisturised and fresh. would highly recommend 10/10


Rachael Hill reviewed Escentric Handmade Products – 5 star

2 July ·

My daughter used the bubblegum bath bomb last night and loved it! Will definitely buy again � x


Thomas Harding reviewed Escentric Handmade Products – 5 star

21 June ·

Oi I had a bloody banging bath when I got that grape fruit bath bomb, and it lasted for ages aswell! Can’t wait for next makers market gonna get bloody loads ain’t I


Nicola Murphy reviewed Escentric Handmade Products – 5 star

19 June ·

My boys and I, love the bath bombs!


AJ Laycock reviewed Escentric Handmade Products – 5 star

23 May ·

Just used my bathbomb and I must say it's absolutely amazing my skin is super soft. Definitely great value you for money. Nice and relaxing bath with a really amazing scent. I'll definitely be buying more.


Aromatic Waxy Treasures on 05 Jul, 2018

5 out of 5 stars   

Great item, fab smell.. Bubbles lasted the entire length of the bath time.


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Meredith Euan Accessories

5 out of 5 stars   


05 Sep, 2018

Fast shipping. Attention to detail. Smelt lovely!


Kelly   recommends Escentric Handmade Products.

12 October ·

i have had to gift sets of bath bombs and dust and it was all amazing and smell great use on my family will be getting more soon thank you x


Lovely sized bath bombs at a great price in a lovely Xmas box to!

20 September ·

– 5 starEscentric Handmade Products reviewed Chloe Mcgrory

















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